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Welcome to the home of the RePEc Biblio. This site brings you a hand-selected collection of the most relevant articles and papers on a wide variety of economics topics. RePEc Biblio is organized as a tree, narrowing the topics as you follow its branches. Explore it using the links in the left sidebar and, if interested, participate in its expansion!

Curated by volunteer editors

The RePEc Biblio originates and flourishes from the contributions of volunteer editors. Consider helping out if you have taught a class on a topic and have already put together a literature list. Also feel free to contribute your vision of the best papers from your area of research. Volunteer editors are welcome to sign up to populate the tree, either by contacting the manager or the relevant topic editor who can open a sub-topic or sub-sub-topic. We are looking for editors in both the broadest and narrowest fields. And to encourage good editing, readers can rate the topic entries. NEW: readers can now make suggestions to editors.

A unique RePEc service

The RePEc Biblio is part of a suite of RePEc services that help economists discover relevant literature. EconPapers and IDEAS include everything that is indexed in RePEc and have extensive search and browsing functions. MyIDEAS is a personal space where anybody can build a private bibliography, among other things. NEP is a collection of topical mailing lists for new working papers. The RePEc Biblio is a curated and hopefully authoritative bibliography driven by volunteer editors. Unlike Wikipedia, a person is in charge of each topic, and this person is named.

Integration with IDEAS

Note that IDEAS links from papers, articles, editor profiles, and JEL codes to the relevant RePEc Biblio topics. Authors also find mention of their papers in RePEc Biblio on their IDEAS citation pages.