Become a RePEc Biblio editor

The RePEc Biblio is based on the curation of topics by volunteer editors. You can become one, too! You duty would then to determine what the important works for a particular topic are, create sub-topics, and either assign them to someone else or maintain them yourself.

What is involved?

The curation happens through an online form (see a sample form) where all relevant data is entered. The most important part is entering the references that are most relevant for your topic. For those, you input the appropriate RePEc handles, that is, the unique identifiers for each work indexed in RePEc. You can find them under "bibliographic info" on IDEAS abstract pages, for example. An easier way could be to create a folder for each topic in your MyIDEAS account, and then transfer over the folder content using the same form.

How can I ask to become an editor?

In principle, you should ask the editor of the topic under which your sub-topic would be. This editor can open the sub-topic for you and attribute it to you. This person will evaluate whether you are the right person to take care of this topic. If you are not getting a response, or are not satisfied with the response, see with the administrator, currently Christian Zimmermann.

What next?

Once you got your topic opened, go to the editor login and access your form. Fill it in, keeping in mind that there are some simple rules. Once you have at least 10 qualified references, you can make your topic live.

After that, remember to maintain and expand it. You will get monthly emails telling you about viewership and user suggestions. Users can also rate your topic, and if ratings fall too low, you may lose your editorship.