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Monetary Theory

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This RePEc Biblio topic is edited by Johanna L. Francis. It was first published on 2017-07-01 15:57:22 and last updated on 2017-07-01 15:57:22.

Introduction by the editor

This bibliography will focus on recent work that deals with current issues in Monetary Economics. Update (July 2017)" the bibliography now lists papers dealing with post-crisis issues in monetary theory such as potential changes in the natural interest rate, improvements in modeling monetary policy at the ZLB, modeling inflation and inflation expectations in post-crisis era, and international spillovers of monetary policy. Update (Oct 2014): the bibliography will list papers dealing with quantitative easing (QE), particularly evidence of the channel through which QE is effective and a variety of topics that focus on either the transmission mechanism post-2009 or recent papers on the empirics of price setting behaviour. Previous topics covered (early 2013) were: Monetary policy at the zero lower bound, effect of asset prices on monetary policy, the interaction between monetary and fiscal policy at the ZLB and identification in DSGE models--see the cross-listing on identification for recent work.

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